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SD-100-24 Thermoelectric Cooling Unit


    Max cooling capacity: 100W
    Working current: 8.6A
    Working voltage: 24V
    Max voltage: 27V
    Input power: 210W
    Working temperature: -10 to 50℃
    Fans life span:40,000 hrs
    Parameter tolerance  ±10%


Thermoelectric cooling units are designed to cool the electronic and electrical controls, instruments, telecommunications equipment, LCD advertising machine and many other electronics in variety of environments. Our electronic cabinet cooling systems are designed for use with a wide range of enclosures. Models are available for both indoor and outdoor use in DC power configurations. All are available for customized.


    1. Extremely reliable solid state construction with long lifespan
    2. Maintenance free design with no moving components (other than fans)
    3. No compressor, refrigerant or filters
    4. Compact size, lightweight, convenient to install and operate
    5. For indoor or outdoor use
    6. Recommended for vertical mounting only
    7. DC power configurations
    8. Mounting gasket fasteners included
    9. Complete 12 month warranty


    1. Famous brand fan
    2. High efficiency cooling and radiating
    3. Cooling capacity from 20W~400W
    4. Heating function optional
    5. Can be customized