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SDJK-060 Cabinet Air Conditioner


    Cooling capacity: 600W
    Inside circulating air flow rate : 240(m³/H)
    Installation: Door/side
    Temperature Range: -40~55℃
    IP Level: IP55
    Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
    Heating(optional) 600W


The special air conditioner for cabinet can be widely used in machinery, electronics, plastic, textile, food, medicine, and chemical industries and renewable energy fields. It helps to make the modern industrial manufacture processes more safe, stable and efficient.


    1. Intelligent control
    2. Famous brand fan
    3. High efficiency cooling and radiating
    4. Cooling capacity from 400W~2000W
    5. Heating function optional


    1.Digital temperature control
    2.Door/side mounting
    3.Heating function optional
    4.AC or DC power configurations