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Thermoelectric Cold unit meet need of 19 in.rack application

Designed for OEM or laboratory applications, 19 in.rack version of 300 W thermoelectric cooling plate (OCP-300L) measures 15 x 7.25 x 3.72 in. and uses microforged heatsinks and duct air from one end of heatsink thru fins to other end instea...

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Thermoelectric Modules convert waste heat to power

Thermoelectric Modules consists of thermoelectric power generators that harvest waste heat and convert it to usable DCoutput power.Miniaturedevices are assembled with thin film semiconductor material, thermally conductive aluminum nitride ce...

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioners cool small enclosures

For smaller applications in any environment, introduces a new line of compact enclosure coolers. Many modelon existing thermoelectric air conditioners for small enclosures. Designfeatures include more compact dimensions and greater cooling p...

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