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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner keep electronics cabinet cool

Available for systems with 3-phase power, thermoelectric electrical cabinet coolers offer cooling capacities from 2,200–6,000 BTU/hr (600W-1800W)and do not require filters, coolant, or chemicals. Only moving parts are industrial- and military-grade fans, and built-in temperature controller offers Eco-Mode for energy conservation. Able to perform in diverse environments, these maintenance-free air conditioners also come in Heat/Cool versions and can be customized. 
Intended for enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners use industrial- or military-grade fans .Units mount flush against enclosure without additional frames, flanges, or accessories, and environmental gasket and hardware preserve environmental integrity of enclosure. Eco-Mode temperature controller feature, included in most models, makes unit act as heat exchanger, passively cooling enclosure.