Electric earth fault relay protection
SANDA's SD2200 combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay is a digital microprocessor based relay. This relay employs extensive advance numerical technique simple mented in real-time, for the computation of measured input quantity. Other advance features include programmable control output, metering and fault data recording.

• Multifunction numerical relay
• Three-phase, low-set and high-set phase overcurrent
• Two sets of low-set and high-set setting for phase overcurrent
• Low-set and high-set earth fault
• Two sets of low-set and high-set setting for earth fault

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Model Number:SD2200
Temperature:-5℃ to +55℃
Dimension (mm):96(w) x 96(h) x 110(d)
Rated voltage:250V AC / DC
Brand Name:SANDA or OEM
Contact Load:Low Power
Mounting:Panel mounting
Contact rating:5 A

Approximate weight: 0.8 kg
Theory: Electromagnetic Relay
Humidity: 56 days at 93% RH and 40℃ n
Enclosure protection: IP54 at the panel
Certifications: ISO9001

    Protection Relay Description

    SANDA's SD2200 combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay is a digital microprocessor based relay. This relay employs extensive advance numerical technique simple mented in real-time, for the computation of measured input quantity. Other advance features include programmable control output, metering and fault data recording.

    capacitor protection relay Features:

    • Multifunction numerical relay

    • Four selectable IDMT characteristic curves

    • Definite time for low-set and high-set

    • Numeric display of phase and earth fault currents

    • Display of relay settings

    • 9 non- volatile records of previous tripping currents

    • Highly flexible programmable relay outputs

    • Multifunction external digital input

    • Isolated RS485 Modbus -RTU communication

    • Selectable 50 Hz / 60 Hz

    Protection Relay Show

    switchgear cabinet protection relay

    Protection Relay Specification

    Measuring Input EARTH-FAULT ELEMENT
    Rated current In 1A or5A Low-set setting l o> 0.05~1.0xln,step 0.01
    Rated frequency 50 or 60Hz High-set setting l>>0 0.05~10xln,step 0.05
    Burden <0.3 VA at In Time multiplier kt 0> 0.02~1.0xln,step 0.01
    Themal withstand 4 x In continuous Low-set definite time t 0>,0~300s 0~10.0s:step 0.01
    25xIn for less than 10 sec 10.0~100s:step 0.1
    100xIn for less than 1  sec 100~300s: step 1
    OVERCURRENT ELEMENT High-set definite time t o>>, 0~300s 0~10.0s:step 0.01
    Low-set setting l > 0.1 A  2.5xln, step 0.01 10.0~100s:step 0.1
    High-set seting l>> 0.10 A to 40xln 100~300s: step 1
    0.1 A  10xln, step 0.05 Rated auxiliary voltage
    10~40 ln: step0.1 SD2200A-240A 198~265 V AC
    Time multiplier kt> 0.02~1.0, step 0.01 SD2200A-240AD 85~265 V AC
    Low set definite time t>,0~300s 0~10.0s: step0.01 110~340 V DC
    10.0~100s: step 0.1 Supply frequency 50 or 60 Hz
    100~300s: step 1 V A rating 3 VA typical
    High-set definite time(t>>),0~300s 0~10.0s step 0.01 MECHANICAL
    10.0~100s: step 0.1 Mounting panel mounting
    100~300s: step 1 Dimension(mm) 142(w)x165(h)x198(d)
    ACCURACY Approximate weight 2.9 kg
    protection thresholds ±3% ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS
    Time delay ±2% with a minimum of 50 ms Temperature  -5℃ to +55℃
    Measurements ±3% Humidity 56 days at 93% RH and 40℃ non-condensing
    Reset radio 95% typical Binary Input
    Overshoot time less than 30 ms typical External binary input 18~265 V DC
    Power consumption 85~265 V AC
    AC auxiliary voltage 6~10VA typical Communication RS485 Modlbus - RTU
    DC auxiliary voltage 5~9W typical

    ——————————————————Protection Relay Chart——————————————————

    overcurrent protection relay

    combined overcurrent and earth fault protection relay