Sanda will attend Electric Networks of Russia 2018

ELECTRIC NETWORKS OF RUSSIA is a professional exhibition of electric energy systems organized by the Russian Ministry of Energy and the All-Russian Power Supply Company. It's a 4-day event being held from 4th December to 7th December 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Due to the higher degree of specialization, electric grid operating and marketing companies, manufacturers of electrical equipment and measuring instruments, RZA and information technology, supervisory and regulatory bodies, educational institutions, as well as other professionals and organizations, working in the power grid complex will gathering here. Since its inception, it has successfully held 19 sessions.

sanda cooling system

SANDA Electronic will attend this exibition with it's leading electricity technology, including Cabinet air conditioner, Thermoelectric Peltier air cooler, Dry type transformer cooling fan, Intelligent dehumidifier, Protection relay, Digital Meters, Temperature and humidity controller etc. It will show SANDA's leading R&D ability to domestic industry, and will improve SANDA's public popularity in the field of electricity temperature management.

The ELECTRIC NETWORKS OF RUSSIA will enhance SANDA brand influence, forward the cooperation relationship between SANDA and global customers. Meanwhile, SANDA will also be committed to provide the best quality, the highest cost effective electrical cooling products. Let's looking forward to it!

Welcome to our booth:
All-Russian Exhibition Center (V.V.C) 
Booth No.: B13
Address: GAO VVC, Estate 119, Mir Prospect, Moscow
December 4th-7th, 2018